Dressed Walls for everyone

For everyone there is a tailor-made dressed wall. Whether you live in a castle, in a penthouse or single-family house, or decorate a hotel chain.
As long as your wall is big enough to do justice to the image! For each dressed wall we mention two standard sizes as an example, so you know what width is needed and if it fits you on the wall. After all, every dressed wall is made to measure. Too little space, but in love with one of the statues of Dressed Walls? Then choose a Dressed Frame; a canvas in frame or a luxurious XL photo print!



Choose your favorite dressed wall and enjoy a unique wall at your home!

Do you have a lot of experience in applying exclusive wall coverings? Then you can apply your own dressed wall. Would you rather leave it to an expert? Please contact us and we will take care of it!

Project design

The exclusivity of Dressed Walls creates a space with an aura. Hotel room, entrance hall, office, theatre; with the application of a dressed wall, every room comes to life!

Dressed Walls are scalable to almost any size, and therefore very suitable for projects. Every branch of your hotel chain has the same look, but not the same size? No problem! Please contact us for the possibilities, and we will give you an advice tailored to your needs.


Here are some of the possibilities of Dressed Walls